Are X-Pole the best? So you thought that I was telling you that all pole dancing poles were the same with that last post – perhaps I need to clarify

I do think that there is a pole dancing pole to suit all styles and budgets HOWEVER I also think that the X-Pole is the one to consider if you are serious about pole dancing…. yes, there are stripper poles and everyone will think at some point that that is what they’re going to use their pole for – after all that is where they came from and when your hubby knows about the fact you’ve bought yourself a pole dancing pole for use at home then it is a dead-certainty that he will expect you to put on a show at some point – and why wouldn’t you??? But the serious home-stripper routine is going to be the subject of a future post so don’t get too excited about it yet!!

Now, where was I … oh yes, pole DANCING poles – if you are really intending upon dancing with even a hint of vigour then you’ll need to be looking at a higher grade of dance pole – and that is why if you were to spend the extra on the X-Pole then it’d pay you dividends UNLESS you are completely certain that you are never going to take your feet off the ground… actually that reminds me of a story…

In London then the byelaws regarding stripper state that when the performer is completly naked then they MUST kep both of their feet on the ground!!! I don’t know the reason behind that policy and I’ve no idea if it is related to the dance pole – I also don’t know how it’d work for a lap-dance if the dancer is short and her legs won’t reach the ground – but the Law is The Law and must be obeyed. So coming full circle – strippers in London would not need an X-Pole, whereas everyone else would!!!


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