Pole Dancing Poles

The pole dancing pole that you choose is best for you might not be the on that is best for everyone – which is why we think a shop such as www.polesport.co.uk which is not affiliated to any particular manufacturer can offer you the best advice. This is basically what they told us …

pole dancing poles

pole dancing poles


  1. Don’t worry about budget – you get what you pay for and ll pole dancing poles ae great value for money – it only takes a few self-led pole dancing classes at home to balance the books
  2. Get a spinning pole if you can – they all have the ability t be locked into a static position, so get the versatility of both.
  3. Free standing pole dancing poles are really not required, they are expensive and quite heavy and are only needed if you’re ceiling is over 3.4m. Instead look for a brand such as X-Pole that offers a range of pole extensions to cater (almost) every height of ceiling.
  4. Get a surface finish hat you like the look of – they all claim to be “sticky”, but this is not true – just select on looks and maybe get a pink pole if you are feeling a bit fancy.
  5. If you really, really think you’ll never be leaving the floor then a peekaboo stripper pole is fine – but for everyone else then consider a true Sport pole – which is sturdy and will give you the confidence to attack it with vigour.
  6. Don’t get a pole that will require to be permanently fixed – this is so inflexible as to be really, really awkward – do you really want to only use it in one place??? Surely you will be taking it from room to room – and perhaps even into the bedroom for special occasions.
  7. Consider the quality of service – what are the delivery times, what are the guarantees?

OK, so that is the basic buyers guide – also thin about what diameter you want? Poleates.net suggests that you use the widest pole you can manage – 50mm – this is the standard and is also noticeably more sturdy when it comes to portable pole dancing poles.

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