Pole Dancing Poles

Pole fit Dance Happy!

Sport poles for Strippers and gym junkies!

get fit get X-Pole!

Pole Dancing NOW!

If you still associate pole dancing with stripper poles then where have you been? It is now all about sport - the world of the pole has changed and it is finally being taken seriously.


Sport or Xpert? What more do you need to know - as you can see the pole even has sport in the title - that is how from the night clubs it has come.

Pole Classes

Self taught or dance classes? That is really up to you .... but you'll need a portable pole to take it back home - and which room to practice in? The mind boggles.

In the Pink

Find an instructor that can give you what you want - don't take it too fr until you've reached your first destination if you want to avoid injury.
No longer just for strippers - pole dancing poles are the gym equipment for NOW! If you aren't already doing it - you should be!